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Duelist Bios

Post by Airlight on Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:28 pm

Answer all these questions in your introductions ;D

Name: Your forum name here
KC Name: Your name in KC
Ham Name: Your name in Hamachi (Optional, please edit your post if you change it)
Ham Net: Your Hamachi network (Also optional, and same, edit it)
Level: New, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Chinese Zodiac:
Tournaments Competed in :
Special Skills:
Years Playing: Number of years since you duel
Your motto:
Favorite Card:
Key Card:
Favorite Deck:
Hatred Deck:
A little about you: A little description about yourself. (Optional)

Name: Airlight
KC Name: Plains
Level: Between Intermediate and Advanced
Age: 15
Zodiac: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Lion
Hobbies/Interests: Eating Human Souls
Team: Duelist`s Faith
Tournaments Competed in : 0
Special Skills: Being a Smartass
Years Playing: 2
Country: The Moon
Your motto: None
Favorite Card: Colossal Fighter
Key Card: Stardust Dragon
Favorite Deck: Colossal Fighter...
Hatred Deck: Lightsworn, Monarch, Burn, Stall, Mill, Armor
A little about you:/UNDEFINED

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